Sunday, August 19, 2018

Town Council - Aug 8, 2018

Unable to participate in the Town Council meeting on August 8, I share the Actions Taken document and the video recording of the meeting.

Actions Taken by the Town Council

Franklin TV's video recording of the meeting is available for replay on demand

Some of the key items approved are shown here. For all the zoning bylaw changes approved or moved to 2nd reading review the action taken doc linked to

  • The Council approved the Appointment of Chrystle Chase to the Community Garden Committee ​with a term expiration of June 30, 2019
  • The Council approved the request by Franklin BBC, LLC d/b/a British Beer Company for a Change of Manager to Joscelin Carson. Approved ​9-0​.
  • ​The Council tabled the request by Table and Vine, Inc. for a Change of Manager to Nathan James Draper until the next meeting on September 5, 2018 due to no representation.
  • The Council approved resolution 18-45 to Participate in Opioid Litigation and Engagement of Legal Counsel for that purpose

Town Council - Aug 8, 2018
Town Council - Aug 8, 2018

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