Sunday, November 11, 2018

Zoning Board of Appeals: upcoming hearings - Nov 29

Zoning Board of Appeals - upcoming hearings:

Nov 29 - Applicant is seeking to convert an addition into an accessory dwelling unit

Nov 29 - Applicant is seeking to increase the impervious coverage to 26.40% where 25% is allowed

Nov 29 - Applicant is seeking to construct a 20’ X 5’ covered porch that is 35.6’ from the front setback where 40’ is required

Nov 29 - Applicant is seeking to construct a 24’ X 28’ detached garage that is a replacement for a pre-existing, nonconforming shed and garage

"The Zoning Board of Appeals currently consists of three (3) members and one (1) associate members appointed by the Town Administrator, subject to the confirmation by the Town Council, for terms of such length and so arranged that the term of one member shall expire each year. There is currently one (1) opening for associate member. 
The Board holds Public Hearings for variance requests, special permits (including gravel removal) and Chapter 40B applications. The Board also makes determinations on land use and zoning issues. All necessary forms and applications may be obtained through the Building Inspection Department and via Board of Appeals website. The Zoning Board of Appeals meets in Town Council Chambers at the Franklin Municipal Building on Thursday evenings usually twice a month."

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