Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Live Reporting: Legislation for Action

a. Update on West Street Parking

reporting on parking by 3rd shift Police
declined 35 to 26 over night

vehicle with 6 unpaid parking citations was towed and hopefully has helped, things declined further
parking control officer returned Oct 12

Joann Rosetti

resident - complaining about dispatcher that said the police were too busy to ticket

John Doherty, 67 West St
why only a part time meter maid?
cars at night are parking where they are not supposed to be

lines in the street why were they put there? for Dean not to park there, parking for anyone?
problem on Nason and Church as well

long before I became Chief, that move was made
we ask for it, we do the best we can
we should be at 57 police and four civilians

students are parking at night and know they won't be tagged until 7

parking at the corner is an accident waiting to happen

John Davidson, 25 Church Ave
cars parking less, parking lot for Dean is also less
still something, we are not clicking yet

Pam Young, 59 West St
marijuana can't be smoked in a public place
and they are either in or outside their cars and smoking

Anita MiIller, 25 Church Ave

James McGloughlin, 27 Church Ave
"party corner"
can't get someone down on the weekends to do work with the parking
a third rate citizen in your own neighborhood
not the way the neighborhood should be
in the summer time it is beautiful

Andy Morriotti, 32 West St
consider expanding the hours
parking in the Dean Lot costs, they are parking on the street for free
need to get Dean involved

Dellorco, Dean hasn't done anything for us
if not, we need to do something

Jones, steps to approach to fixing the problem
like the idea of extending the hours
if Dean is charging $500, it is worth a discussion

Trash and parking conflict can be addressed

Padula - thanks for the response from the Town
pleased with positive results, should the hours be tweaked, those are fair questions

Kelly - someone will answer the emergency over Dean kids parking
we could extend the hours, but that won't solve the issue
if we go to residents parking only, how about a family member to visit over night?
we do need to talk to Dean
I don't want to sugar coat it that changing the hours is going to fix the issue
I am willing to work with you on this but I want a solution that works

Pellegri - don't agree with being too bust to do something for you
I think the resident stickers could work, have extras for the visitors

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