Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Live reporting: Homework Update

b. Homework Update – Dr. Joyce Edwards &; Homework Study Group Representatives

(presentation to be added later)

Live reporting: Homework Update
Live reporting: Homework Update

looking for feedback on the homework free vacations

homework practices to be aligned with the current policy (link in presentation to be added)

Franklin has a wide variety of homework practices and expectations; widely inconsistent within buildings never mind across grades or the District

policy stresses the need for the whole child, and down time as well as family time

consistency is a very funny thing, consistent but not cookie cutter
need to be easily understood by students and families

defined what would success look like?
the set of guidelines as proposed is the result of the answer to that question

what is the definition of homework? defined and purpose


emphasis on nightly reading

recommends continuing the homework free vacations!
"to the extent possible for Feb and April"

there will be a survey to collect the feedback

middle school easier as they students are in groups and the team teaching would do the coordination; at the high school, it is harder as this collaboration is not already in place; use of the communication and guidelines should help; the students should also be able to respectfully advocate for themselves

the proposal could bring some tweaks to the policy itself

consider the due time of the online homework submission (i.e. homework due at midnight)

also consideration for non-screen based homework later and screen based earlier, to help with the transition to sleep

need to address time management too, what does it mean to manage time to get things done?

how to deal with procrastination? to address the emotional component of homework
at least a distraction free environment

homework is a lens on the student/family partnership

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