Monday, February 18, 2019

There is "Always Hope" a sober house for women

She wrote me to say: "So if any Franklin residents have daughters, sisters, mothers that need a sober house and want to be close to home this is a perfect fit!"

And that would be?

What makes it special? "This is a room at Always Hope. It’s called Caroline’s room and she was from Franklin.

I did not doubt her, and sure enough on the About page:
"The first house is located at #1 Franklin Avenue and called “Sweet Caroline’s House”. This house is named after Caroline D’Amelio, who struggled with an eating disorder and addiction. Caroline was a vibrant young lady who had an energy for life that was surpassed by few. She was active, fun, energetic, but most importantly kind. Her kindness was evident in her beautiful smile and in her desire for others to be happy. 
Caroline would never want to see anyone in need and would always be there to help if she could. During Caroline’s struggle with addiction she was at her best at the Windhaven sober house in Dallas, Texas, where she found her faith and led a productive life for over a year. It is in Caroline’s memory and loving spirit that this house is dedicated."
Visit the web page to donate, or to apply for residence

There is "Always Hope" a sober house for women
There is "Always Hope" a sober house for women

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