Friday, February 22, 2019

On this date: Feb 22, 2010

On this date: actually juggling a day since I hadn't published on 2/21/09; here in 2010, I did a weekly summary for the prior week (published on 2/21/10).

Yes, back in the day, I experimented on how to deliver the info and for a period of time I did a weekly summary. This gives a look at the week that was in 2010. Remember when?

"The winter school break is ending, the Olympics are underway, let's just take about ten minutes to keep current with what matters here in Franklin, MA as the week ends February 21, 2010  
In this session I’ll go back to cover the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, Feb 10. In particular, their decision to reduce the annual curbside solid waste and recycling fee and implement minor increase to fees for Beaver St and to handle specific large items.  
Time: 12 minutes, 48 seconds"

The single stream system we use today was introduced in July 2010. It has been a great success. Yet, it was looked upon as a major head ache and fraught with problems and issues in the run up to the implementation.

Franklin trash and recycle bins or totters
Franklin trash and recycle bins or totters

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