Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Franklin Annual Report - 2018: Franklin School Committee

The Franklin School Committee utilizes a number of subcommittees to initially review, propose and consider policies and issues that come before the Committee. We are committed to two-way communication with the citizens of Franklin, listening to concerns and sharing information in the true spirit of democracy.

The subcommittees and their functions are outlined below:

  • Budget: Reviews, proposes and considers matters pertaining to the school budget. Participates with the town-wide Joint Budget Subcommittee. Committed to educating the public about the budget process in an open and transparent way.
  • Community Relations: Reviews, proposes and considers matters pertaining to communication with the community about school policies, issues and programs. Meets on a monthly basis throughout the community at various locations including the Harvest Festival, The Farmer’s Market, The Senior Center, The Public Library, Franklin Cable TV Station, etc. in order to share information and address citizens’ concerns.
  • Policy: Reviews, proposes and considers matters pertaining to policies and procedures in the Franklin Public Schools. This subcommittee also maintains the Policy Manual.
  • Public Schools Advocacy: Keeps the committee and the community informed on legislative matters at the federal, state and local levels. Promotes the importance of public schools in a democratic society. In February a Legislative Forum was held for the public. State Senators Ross and Spilka along with State Representative, Jeff Roy shared legislative updates relative to funding education and answered questions from interested citizens.
  • Transportation: Recommends and reviews policies regarding transportation. The subcommittee also develops bids for transportation services.
In addition to the work of these subcommittees, members participate on advisory councils and as liaisons to the Joint Parent Communication Councils and Mass Association of School Committees (MASC).

The responsibilities of these members are outlined below:

  • School Wellness Advisory Council: Establishes annual wellness goals for the district. Reviews data, conducts data collection and sponsors professional development programs for students, faculty, parents and the community. Meets monthly throughout the school year.
  • Parent Communication Council Liaisons: Joining the Superintendent and other central office administrators, school committee liaisons share important information relative to policies and issues before the school committee. This is another opportunity to gain feedback, insights as to the issues/ concerns of the community. Meets every month during the school year.
  • MASC Liaison: Advocates at the state level for issues relative to public schools.
  • School Start Times Advisory Council: A committee comprised of representatives from the School Committee, teachers, administrative team, parents and interested community leaders with the purpose of objectively analyzing the data and issues relative to school start times. This committee is organized into subcommittees which are meeting throughout the entire year. Recommendations will made to the School Committee at the conclusion of this study.
  • Summer Workshop: The School Committee also meets at a one-day summer workshop with the Superintendent to provide input relative to the District Improvement Plan and to plan pertinent School Committee presentations and workshops for the following school year. 

Throughout the year, the School Committee works with a facilitator from MASC to strengthen our skills and effectiveness as an elected body so that we may better serve the public.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Bergen, 
Chair, Franklin School Committee

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