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Franklin Annual Report - 2018: Town Council

The Town Council is the holder of all general, corporate, legislative, and appropriations powers of the Town of Franklin. On behalf of the Town Council I submit our annual report for the FY18.

Economic Development
The Town Council adopted GL Chapter 64N Section 3 authorizing the imposition of a local sales tax on the sale or transfer of marijuana or marijuana products by a marijuana retailer and establishes the tax rate at the max of 3%. The Town council approved a Zoning Bylaw amendment the poultry set back to a minimum of 25 feet.

The New construction and renovation of the Franklin Public Library was completed and a Ribbon Cutting was held in Fall of 2017. New Turf Fields were installed at the High School and Beaver Street Field along with a new track around the High School field. A proposal for a new bathroom facility and storage and concession building at Pisini Field near the High school was submitted and approved.

Recreation and Open Space
We are continuing to clean up the weed and fish issues at the DelCarte as part of the restoration and preservation of this recreation area. The Town recorded and deeded two unimproved vacant parcels on Grove Street from the land of low value auction that the Town Treasurer/Collector held.

The Downtown Revitalization project is still underway with continued efforts to improve the roadways in the Alpine Place neighborhood.

Approved a balanced budget and worked with the Town Administration on obtaining a five year capital plan for all departments including the Water and Sewer Enterprise funds.

The Town Council voted to transfer two town owned parcels of vacant land (244-040-000-000 .182 acres on Brook Street and 266-073-000-000 7.582 acres off Mill Street) to the care, custody, control and management of the Conservation Commission.

The Council appropriated:
● $160,000 for a new snow plow for the Public Works.
● $550,000 for Roadway Improvements for the Public Works.
● $18,000 for Police Radio Improvements.
● $20,000 for a Town Wide Operational Risk Assessment of all Town and School operations from a fiscal management perspective to outline any weaknesses to be addressed

The Town Council approved a Bylaw Amendment to raise the Water and Sewer Usage Rates. The expansion and construction of the existing Veterans War Memorial on the Town Common was approved.

Franklin was designated as a Green Community. With a new Fuel Efficient policy and Energy Reduction plan in place. More than 90% of electricity used by the town is generated through solar energy.

The Town receives a donation of a parcel of land on Grove street that abuts two of the town owned wells and the future Treatment Plan Site.

It is a pleasure to serve my fellow citizens and to submit this annual report on behalf of the Franklin Town Council for your review.

Respectfully submitted,

Matthew T. Kelly 
Chairman, Franklin Town Council

You can read the full Annual Report for 2018 online

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Franklin Annual Report - 2018: Town Council
Franklin Annual Report - 2018: Town Council

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