Sunday, March 10, 2019

FY 2020 public hearings scheduled for State budget

In the Legislative Forum conducted by the School Committee in February, it was announced that a series of public hearings would be conducted around the sate in preparation for the FY 2020 budget. These hearings are the opportunity to raise the systemic issues on the education funding formula, Chapter 70 aid, Chapter 90 (roads), special education reimbursements, charter schools, etc.

"The House and Senate Ways and Means committees this week began their series of eight hearings around the state on the various parts of the state budget for fiscal 2020. 
The first hearing was held on March 5 at the State House. Additional hearings will be held through April 2 in locations including Needham, Worcester, Springfield and Arlington. 
The key date for local officials is March 18, when the committees will convene in Fall River to receive testimony on education and local aid. MMA leadership will be among those testifying in support of local government priorities."
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The schedule for public hearings:

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FY 2020 public hearings on State budget
FY 2020 public hearings on State budget

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