Sunday, March 10, 2019

"Of the 62 public requests filed, only about half were successful"

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"Sunshine Week: These are the highest-paid employees in the Milford area"
"How much do municipal workers make? 
Across the globe, governments are publishing more of their records online, putting information in the hands of citizens who could help improve the public sector. 
But in the era of big data, when any piece of information seems a Google search away, try finding the salary of your local police chief. 
With more limited resources, cities and towns often lag behind in making their records available to the public. To help narrow the gap, the Daily News will launch an effort today to provide readers more insight into spending in their own backyards."

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Editor note: I hesitated to post this as more information is needed for a worthwhile comparison. While the article and payroll tool provides salary and compensation data, it does not provide the context on the size of the community and budget or work load to help make the comparison fair. Simply using the data provided is comparing apples to oranges. As a result of multiple discussions over the years on making the case to position Franklin appropriately with communities of its size and operational scope, this is not an easy task. So while the real picture is not available, be aware, that at least some data is.

I would rather have had the focus on the fact that 55% of the information requests were actually fulfilled. For a Sunshine week impact, there is not a lot of sun shining.

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