Friday, April 26, 2019

Earth Day - Beaver Pond - Sat, Apr 27 - 9 AM

For over 10 years, the Town of Franklin has conducted this event in an effort to educate the public on recycling, beautification, and general clean up of the town.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd throughout the United States. Franklin will host our own Earth Day on Saturday April 27th at Beaver Pond from 9:00 AM - Noon.

We'll start at 9 AM with bagels and coffee and assigning clean up locations to all the volunteers. We have some kid friendly locations that are at parks and playgrounds. We also have some adult friendly locations along the edge of streets (Washington/Grove) that could really use a clean up. Not sure who litters anymore? But, we'll do our best to pick it all up. 

We will hand out trash bags and gloves to all the volunteers and ask that they leave them curbside for our DPW to pick up after the event. 

At 12:00 PM, we'll ask everyone to return back to Beaver Pond for a volunteer appreciation pizza lunch. We'll hand out community service certificates to all the HS kids that need them. Lets all pitch in to clean up Franklin!

Earth Day - Beaver Pond - Sat, Apr 27 - 9 AM
Earth Day - Beaver Pond - Sat, Apr 27 - 9 AM

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