Friday, April 19, 2019

In the News: Keller-Sullivan sprinkler work underway; Gender "X" bill moving in MA Senate

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

Keller-Sullivan sprinkler problem fixed again
"It is often iterated at this time of year that April showers bring May flowers. But at the Helen Keller-Annie Sullivan school complex, the experience has been given new meaning this month: “Showers” coming from a burst sprinkler head on April 3 are bringing new rugs, cabinetry and paint jobs to several elementary classrooms. 
Schools Superintendent Sara Ahern recently told the School Committee that repairs to the classrooms would be undertaken this week during spring break, and students will be returning to mostly fixed-up classrooms. 
On April 3, nine Helen Keller School classrooms were damaged by water after a sprinkler head on the second floor burst late in the afternoon, Ahern reported at the School Committee’s April 9 meeting. Classes were temporarily displaced as the rooms were sealed off for the remainder of that week. 
“Water damaged materials including carpets, drywalls and cabinets were removed,” Ahern said, noting that over the weekend of April 6 and April 7, Servicemaster worked late hours “in order to ensure that all rooms had been properly mitigated.”

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This is the third sprinkler incident at the Keller-Sullivan complex 
2017 =
2014 =

Keller - Sullivan Schools
Keller - Sullivan Schools

"Spilka’s ‘Gender X’ bill moving in Senate"

"The Senate plans next week to take up legislation that has become a signature priority for Senate President Karen Spilka, a bill that would allow an adult to change state identification records to reflect a gender of “X.” 
The so-called “Gender X” bill would require the Registry of Motor Vehicles to make a third, gender-neutral option available to applicants for a license or learner’s permit and would allow anyone over 18, an emancipated minor or the parents of a minor to request a change in the sex listed on someone’s birth certificate to male, female or X. 
“This bill is very special to me,” said Spilka, D-Ashland, earlier this month during an interview on WGBH radio. 
The Senate president got involved after receiving a letter from a constituent from Natick who was feeling stress as they prepared to decide which box to check on their driving learner’s permit. Spilka has since grown close to the family while working on this bill, and almost pushed it across the finish line last year."

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