Sunday, July 14, 2019

In the News: Scooping the summer job; MA State budget late again

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

Scooping the summer job
"Corrin Fernald, 15, had applied for what seemed like her 15th job, and was promptly rejected for what seemed like the 15th time.

The incoming sophomore at Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School landed her first job last year at Molly’s Apothecary in Medway. But under child labor laws, she only worked about three times a month for two hours at a time.

Eager to earn more money for a car and to help fund her college education, she applied to about 10 other businesses a few months later, from supermarkets to coffee shops - and was turned away at all of them.

Fernald knows of only about five other 15-year-olds with jobs, and they were hired because they knew the employer, she said. She wondered why no one would hire her."

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MA State budget late again
“Obviously, state aid is very important to the town, but if it’s a couple weeks late, then it really doesn’t have any impact on our operations,” said Natick Finance Director John Townsend.

As legislators finished their second week of the new fiscal year without a statewide budget, local government financial experts have mixed feelings about lawmakers’ tardiness.

“It affects us in that we’re not exactly sure how much money we’re getting from the state,” said Christopher Sandini, Franklin’s finance director. “Everything trickles down. If they’re late, then we can’t finalize our plans.”

On the first day after the deadline, July 1, Gov. Charlie Baker told the State House News Service he doesn’t have a problem with a budget coming in “a week or two” late. In a summary of discussions with leadership on Beacon Hill, the news agency has repeatedly called the group “unfazed.”

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