Monday, August 19, 2019

The Wall That Heals - in Bellinghham, Aug 22 - 25

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"The Wall That Heals, a 7.5-foot-tall wall featuring the names of 58,276 veterans who died serving in Vietnam, will be coming to Bellingham from August 22-25. Several speakers and events are planned during its monumental visit to the town during its 300th anniversary.

In Paksem, Laos, on Oct. 19, 1972, German-born Sgt. John Peterson, a paramilitary officer for the Central Intelligence Agency boarded a helicopter. By mid-afternoon, he heard shots fired in the distance.

Peterson grew up in Bellingham and attended its high school.

“John knew it was time to get out of there,” said his wife Martha (Marti) Denny, who flew to Laos with him in June 1971 to arm and train the Hmong, a Laotian highland tribe, to fight the Communist Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese."
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screen capture of The Wall that Heals
screen capture of The Wall that Heals

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