Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Live reporting: Chateau Restaurant License - Subcommittee Reports

7. LICENSE TRANSACTIONS The Chateau Restaurant of Franklin, Inc. New All-Alcoholic Beverages Restaurant License, 466 King Street.

6,000 sq ft
family run restaurant, 9th instance in MA

under demolition, if all approval come in, should be operational late fall, hiring 60-70 employees, looking for local preference

3 generation of family operation, all family owned and run
Nocera brothers

13 booths grew to 800 seats in original location

TIP certify all employees, files kept for renewals, training currency etc.

will be selling 'the bread' sliced or un-sliced

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0


9. SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTSa. Capital Budget Subcommittee
nothing at this time

b. Budget Subcommittee
nothing at this time

c. Economic Development Subcommittee
meeting last week, things moving along with plastic bag ban
also review of proposal for Keigan proposety

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