Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Board of Assessors: Agenda - Oct 3, 2019

Franklin Board Of Assessors 
meeting at 
Franklin Municipal Building, Room 106, 
355 East Central Street, Franklin, Massachusetts 
Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 9:00 AM

A. Approval Of Minutes: 
Regular & Executive Session Minutes of September 19, 2019

B. Administration, Old Business and New Business 
1. Report on FY 2020 tax file preparation, FY 2021 Chapterlands filings

C. Motor Vehicle Excise 
1. MV Abatement Denials
2. September 2019 MV List of Abatements for Comptroller

D. Personal Property 
1. Utility Valuation vs. Net Book Value

E. Boat Excise 

F. Real Estate 
1. Abatements and Appeals
2. Exemptions

G. Executive Session 
1.The Board may vote to go into Executive Session under Purpose 7 to discuss and vote on matters that are confidential in accordance with law, such as, but not limited to abatements and exemptions (MGL Ch. 59, Sec. 60), or property income & expense disclosures (MGL Ch. 59, Sec 52B). Will the Board return to Open Session?

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Board of Assessors: Agenda - Oct 3, 2019
Board of Assessors: Agenda - Oct 3, 2019

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