Saturday, October 26, 2019

Franklin Candidate Interview: Mickey Whitmore

This interview with Mickey Whitmore, candidate for Franklin Town Council in 2019, was collaborated on via email. We reviewed the following questions, some of them were ‘crowd sourced.’ Some of you may remember the call for input solicited in August 2019 for this election. Thank you for your contributions.

Hopefully, the information provided here, and in the other interviews, will enable the Franklin voters to make a good choice among the candidates for each position.

For the following FM presents the question. MW represents Mickey’s response.
FM = There are and have been many opportunities to volunteer with community groups in Franklin. Have you taken advantage of any of these? Which ones, and why did you choose that/those?
MW = I have been serving on the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) since the last town election. I also volunteered as an assistant coach for my daughter's basketball team over the winter. I don't want to sound corny but I look forward to helping my neighbors with anything I can.

FM = Where do you get your news about Franklin?
MW = I get my Franklin news from Franklin Matters / internet, and through friends.
FM =  For all those running for Town Council: We are in a constant water shortage. We are adding to our population and increasing out need for water. Given that all those who live in Franklin draw their water from the same aquifer, do you support a ban on using water for what I will call cosmetic use (lawn watering) during water shortages, even for those with a private well? If not, why not, considering that those with private wells are still dangerously affecting our water level for uses other than vanity? Or put simply: Do you support the private use of wells for lawn irrigation at times when the town's aquifer is dangerously low for use by the community for essential use in homes and fire prevention?

MW = We should be cautious with our resources. I would be interested in reading the town hydrologist's report to make the best decision about our water.
FM = What degree of development do you feel is appropriate for Franklin, and how would you balance the need for affordable housing, with the need to avoid congestion?
MW = I think we should be conservative with our development and staying slightly above the 10% affordable housing ratio so we don't get forced by the state with an unwanted 40B development.
FM = The Town Administrator has suggested that Franklin needs to pass an override measure. What actions will you take to support the passage of this measure?
MW = My personal opinion is that we should only do overrides if there are no other options. I would be interested to see how the voters of Franklin feel about the subject.

FM = Why should I vote for you?
MW = I love this town and feel that I would bring unbiased views to the town council. My goal is to keep this a great town and do what is right for the community as a whole.

Franklin Candidate Interview: Mickey Whitmore
Franklin Candidate Interview: Mickey Whitmore

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