Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Live reporting: License Transaction - Presentation

7. LICENSE TRANSACTIONS - 7:10 PM a. Franklin Brewing Company, LLC d/b/a 67 Degrees, New Farmer Series Pouring Permit for a Farmer-Brewery, located at 158 Grove Street

bylaws changed to encourage breweries, wineries, and distilleries
this is the fourth before us for approval

open, family friendly and have a good pint
purpose of the pouring permit, get a permit, or a flight of 4 oz samples

motion to approve, seconded, passed 9-0

skipped to complete the legislation for action
then came back here to do the goals

a. Town Council 2020-2021 Legislative Session Goals

Jamie reads the listing section by section
*** Finances
loan package for water treatment plant approved

Beaver St interceptor analysis underway, will be back mid-year with results

contract year for trash/recycling
recycling industry in major transition mode, likely policy review for curbside recycling

OPEB discussion coming, liability has gone down

small amounts of new revenue coming during budget discussions

*** Economic development section
EDC doing some of the work already, more to be review

economic plan coming from MAPC

NuStyle project, new bold ideas coming to EDC

affordable housing plan, over due and needed
Franklin Crossing neighborhood district, an opportunity for discussion

commuter rail parking

marijuana overlap district needs to be reviewed for adjustments/corrections

MBTA downtown parking a low priority but on the listing

add Fisher St EPA site to listing
recycling center land swap?
it is in motion, nature of working with state agencies; easy to check off it it happens

current zoning bylaw review, 
well survey, demolition delay bylaw

Spur by MBTA add to SNETT improvements

monitor the mixed development and property changes

*** Facilities
possible new police station for a debt exclusion, need to discuss before we fund the study

burn building for fire dept, 'cheap' amount and would be good for crossing and training and morale

possible building committee for Police, not quite there yet but when closer, yes

*** DPW
longer range for sidewalk master plan; need to look at say, every 5 years
did a parking lot management plan

vehicle equipment process

*** Rec Open Space
Franklin greenway network, how to connect with sidewalks or bikeways, etc.
Concerts on the Common, possibly coming to Recl incorporate more on 

Prospect St tunnel, opening bid, Friday morning

adding affordable, accessible open space to EDC

lights at King St soccer field. was an issue with neighbors before

*** Community
fleet vehicles and maybe go electric

decommission old Spring st extension between 140 and Washington
State supports the road, instead provide access to trails

installation of 5G; protecting public property
implement electric aggregation, just not getting rates we should be getting

emergency plans for individual building/depts
review of Town's emergency plan (Fire Dept does this, already done...)

historical, architectural homes
a listing of the 1000 oldest homes provided by assessors a couple of years ago

anti bullying hate speech pledge for employees and elected official do?

*** Civic engagement
a new section, not done before

adding Board of Health items to e-permitting

*** Presentations/discussions
see listing for items and dates

affordable housing? a complicated issue, some of this is scheduled with some of the presentations but there will also be touch points in Master Plan and add something to Planning

could do outreach to Congressman Kennedy

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