Friday, April 24, 2020

GoFundMe for FHS wrestling coach: Carmine Colace

"In a time of a tragic pandemic, small businesses are struggling to pay their bills. One of these businesses, New England Gold Wrestling Club, is owned by legendary Franklin High School wrestling coach, Carmine Colace. Carmine has transformed hundreds of lives not only in the town of Franklin but all over the New England region.
In these troubling times, we hope to help support Carmine pay for rent and prepare for when he re-opens. Carmine’s significant other Kathy has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Kathy has embraced the lifestyle of wrestling and has a smile on her face every time we see her.
Carmine has taught all of his wrestler’s life long lessons such as hard work, dedication and to just keep on wrestling. Carmine’s hard work and dedication has led to not only our success but his success as well. We know this time is difficult for everyone but please consider helping Carmine and New England Gold wrestling during a difficult financial time.
We want to see Carmine continue to change people’s lives. Just like Carmine supports us in following our dreams, we want to do the same."
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GoFundMe for FHS wrestling coach: Carmine Colace
GoFundMe for FHS wrestling coach: Carmine Colace

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