Thursday, April 23, 2020

Timeless CrossFit and Fitness: Free Workouts via YouTube Channel


My name is MC Alexander and I'm an owner at Timeless CrossFit and Fitness in Franklin.

We are all in this pandemic together and I want to help in my own way. I CAN HELP YOU MOVE! I'm offering FREE LIVE WORKOUTS on YOUTUBE for ANYONE who wants to join me! I have also posted and will continue to post workouts for anyone who needs them on our Channel. You just need to SUBSCRIBE to our: Timeless CrossFit and Fitness Channel and TURN ON your Notification.

We can workout LIVE together! Motivation and accountability is everything, let me help you!

Let me know what other 30 min blocks you may have open around school schedules and work and I can add in more times for you!

I'll be starting THIS FRIDAY !

CLASS: Strength and Conditioning Interval Training (movements can ALL be modified, changed to meet your personal needs-always)

This class will have body weight movements, some dumbbell work. No dumbbells?, no problem!, any objects you have to work with will do. Every week will be a little different and REMEMBER: it's about moving so don't let " I don't have... " or " I can't do... "  YOU REALLY CAN!

See you this Friday-Set your Alarm/Calendar and please share this with your friends and anyone you know who could use a workout Buddy and some extra motivation!

I'm ALL IN!! ~MC ❤️ 💪🏻

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