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Franklin Annual Report 2019: Planning Board

From the Franklin Annual Report 2019

The Planning Board, as established by MGL. Ch. 41 sec.70, is responsible for 
“…making plans for the development of the municipality, with special reference to proper housing of its inhabitants.” 

The Board is charged with administering the State’s Subdivision Control Law (MGL. 41 Ch.81K) and the local subdivision rules and regulations (Chapter 300). The Board makes recommendations to the Town Council on Zoning By- Law amendments and may at its own discretion adopt new subdivision regulations. The Board is also designated as the permitting authority for various site plan and special permit submittals under the Town’s Zoning Bylaw (Ch. 185). The Board receives recommendations from the Design Review Commission on building design, elevation, and signage for commercial site plan permits, and from the Conservation Commission on wetland related issues, and works closely with the Planning & Community Development and Public Works Departments.

In FY2019, the Planning Board reviewed and issued decisions for several projects throughout the year. One major project the Planning Board approved was a Hotel located at 725 Union Street. The Site Plan and Special Permit proposes a major development, includes 5-story hotel with 100 rooms, indoor pool and associated paved access drive, landscaping, lighting, utilities and stormwater infrastructure.

The Planning Board reviewed and approved a 35,000 sq/ft Marijuana Cultivation building at 105 Constitution Blvd for the use of growing and processing of non-medical marijuana.

The Planning Board received a submittal of a 57-single family subdivision located on Prospect Street. There was also several large scale solar farms proposed on Spring Street, Upper Union Street and Summer Street. Solar farms are permitted through the Planning Board with a Special Permit and Site Plan application.

The Planning Board voted to endorse (5) five 81-P ANR plans, and accepted four (4) Form H - Certificate of Completions. Acceptance of a Form H indicates all work has been completed according to Site Plans or Subdivision Plans previously approved by the Planning Board. The Planning Board also approved (17) seventeen Special Permit applications including the Hotel, Marijuana Cultivation, Solar Farms, a Brewery with Tasting Room and a Distillery. The table below is a summary of Planning Board Activity during the 2019 Fiscal Year.

The Planning Board held public hearings on several proposed Zoning Bylaw changes including changing setbacks for poultry in residential zones and building height changes in the Commercial zone. The Planning Board has also reviewed and recommended a new zoning district, known as Mixed Business Innovation zoning district, which consisted of several properties near the downtown. The new zone allows for more mixed use business and retail, gearing towards the smaller business owners. The Board continues to help property owners make the desired changes and improvements to their properties while fostering responsible growth and development in the Town of Franklin.

The Planning Board typically meets twice a month on Mondays at 7:00 PM in the Municipal Building. All Board meetings are open to the public, and are televised via Community Cable Access.

Planning Board Membership
The Planning Board consists of five members and one associate member. The associate member participates in all hearings but only votes on Special Permits if one of the members is unable to act. The Board members are elected and serve 4-year terms. 

Below is a list of current Planning Board members:
Anthony Padula, Chairman 
Joseph Halligan, Vice Chairman 
John Carroll, Clerk
Gregory Rondeau 
William David, 
Rick Power, Associate Member

Respectfully submitted, 
Anthony Padula, Chairman

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Franklin Annual Report 2019: Planning Board
Franklin Annual Report 2019: Planning Board

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