Friday, July 10, 2020

Joint Statement from Senate President Spilka, Senator Brownsberger and Senator Chang-Díaz on Today’s Actions

The following is a joint statement from Senate President Karen E. Spilka, Senator Sonia Chang- Díaz, and Senator William Brownsberger:

"The Senate is going to stay focused on what we set out to do with this bill: protect the lives of our Black and brown residents from systemic racism and institutionalized violence. We know that these conversations are difficult, and the actions we're called to take will not be easy, but it is our responsibility to begin to respond to the voices who have called on us to make these changes. 
We welcome further discussion on the very important provisions of this bill—and the right way to do that is to proceed with debate on the bill and its amendments. We hold fast to our commitment to respond to calls for greater equity, justice and fairness—now, with the Reform, Shift + Build Act, and in the future with subsequent legislation."

The press release and fact sheet for the Reform, Shift + Build Act released earlier this week

  • press release

  • fact sheet

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