Monday, July 6, 2020

Franklin Annual Report 2019: Purchasing Office

From the 2019 Franklin Annual Report:

Over the past year, the Purchasing Office has made a concerted effort to modernize the Department while also assisting Department Heads with a number of significant projects. These projects include a continued focus on improving the Town’s overall utility based infrastructure.

The Purchasing Office continues to oversee the implementation of various improvements in the way vendors can access bid documentation. One of the more significant advancements is the change we made to the distribution of plans & specifications. Vendors no longer need to wait for the bid packages to be mailed, emailed, or picked in person. With the web based platform, vendors can download the entire bid package from the Town website, thus improving the accessibility of the documents while at the same time cutting municipal costs in a number of areas.

This change has been very well received, particularly by those doing business with the Town. The upgrades have also further reinforced our continued approach to modernizing the way procurement is handled.

The function of the Purchasing Department is to assist other departments in obtaining the highest quality of services and supplies for the best price, all while remaining in compliance with applicable procurement laws. Our objective is to promote fair, prompt and courteous consideration to all suppliers; and observe the highest ethics in all transactions and correspondence.

Respectively submitted: 

John Bugbee
Chief Procurement Officer 
Town of Franklin

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Franklin Annual Report 2019: Purchasing Office
Franklin Annual Report 2019: Purchasing Office

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