Thursday, July 23, 2020

In the News: "Those timelines can be vitally important"

From the Boston Globe, an article of interest for Franklin: (Franklin is one of the districts found non-compliant)

"As a former school committee member with more than a decade of experience advocating for twin sons with special needs, Jennifer Curran is not used to feeling powerless in dealing with schools. 
But when school officials in her small western Massachusetts town of Granby presented Curran in May with a document requesting that she relinquish federally protected rights for her sons’ special education services during school closures, Curran assumed it was part of a new, and troubling, pandemic reality. She signed the paperwork. 
“I felt like I had no choice,” she said. 
Now, the state says Granby and at least 10 other Massachusetts school districts, including Beverly, Malden, and Norfolk, violated state and federal special education laws by asking parents this spring to absolve school districts of key special education responsibilities, including, in some cases, the provision of vital services (such as speech therapy and one-on-one reading help), and, in others, the requirement to follow a strict timeline governing how quickly a child must be assessed for a disability and provided an instruction plan."
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In the News: "Those timelines can be vitally important"
In the News: "Those timelines can be vitally important"

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