Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Washington Post: "Genetic data show how a single superspreading event sent coronavirus across Massachusetts — and the nation"

The quote that caught my eye: 

"analysis of virus sequences shows that the coronavirus was introduced into Boston and its surrounding area more than 80 separate times by international and domestic travelers — most of whom were probably unaware of the germs they carried"
Read the article from the beginning:
"None of the biotech executives at the meeting noticed the uninvited guest. They had flown to Boston from across the globe for the annual leadership meeting of the drug company Biogen, and they were busy catching up with colleagues and hobnobbing with upper management. For two days they shook hands, kissed cheeks, passed each other the salad tongs at the hotel buffet, never realizing that one among their number carried the coronavirus in their lungs.

By the meeting’s end on Feb. 27, the infection had infiltrated many more people: a research director, a photographer, the general manager for the company’s east division. They took the virus home with them to the Boston suburbs, Indiana and North Carolina, to Slovakia, Australia and Singapore.

Over the following two weeks, the virus that circulated among conference attendees was implicated in at least 35 new cases. In April, the same distinctive viral sub-strain swirled through two Boston homeless shelters, where it infected 122 residents."
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