Sunday, September 27, 2020

WBUR: 'COVID Is A Real Thing': Revere Survivors Tell Their Stories To Help City Fend Off Next Wave

WBUR shares some of the social media campaign being used in Revere to explain "COVID Is A Real Thing"

"My father was in the ICU for 45 days. He ended up having pneumonia; [he was] severely sick," she said. "My mother ended up catching it, too."

The city of Revere is using the experiences of COVID-19 survivors like Sao to help stave off an anticipated resurgence of the disease this fall and winter.

Revere is one of the communities the state considers to be at high risk. So far, more than 2,660 people have become sick and 103 Revere residents have died from COVID-19.

In a new public health campaign by the city and RevereTV, people who were ill describe their recovery and share thoughts about public health precautions like covering your mouth in public, washing your hands, and socially distancing."

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