Sunday, September 27, 2020

Jazz Journey– with Pamela Hines

Welcome Pamela! by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 09/27/2020

This week we welcomed a new two-hour program to Franklin Public Radio –

Jazz Journey, with accomplished jazz pianist Pamela Hines. She takes us on a richly insightful tour of jazz, its history, with an array of great performances by artists of a groundbreaking era – the 40s to 60s. She features the Big Bands, and the women who fronted them with memorable performances, be they silky smooth or smokin’.

Who is Pamela? Go to: 

From her WICN interview –

H. Allen Williams: What does the word “jazz” mean to you?

Pamela Hines: The fundamentals of it – improvisation, chord structure, form, history, rhythm… creativity to its maximum that connects to the limitless divine nature in all of us.

Pamela Hines
Pamela Hines

H. Allen Williams: If you were speaking to a youthful audience, that knew nothing about jazz or your experience as an artist, what would be the most important message you would desire them to gain from your music?

Pamela Hines: Come to all new types of music with an open mind. Start simply. I feel like we actually need to “develop” our ears.   That’s why vocal jazz is sometimes a good connector, because young audiences have the lyric to hold on to. Then you slip in a few unusual chords, keep it going and you’re on your way to a jazz fan.

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The piano is among the most expressive of jazz instruments, and Pamela is right there with exquisite technique and emotion. She moves easily among other gifted greats of jazz; Tommy Flanagan, Patricia Barber, Tatum, Guaraldi, Brubeck, Monk, et al. Jazz fans will know her simply and reverently as – Hines.

Ah, yesss – Hines.

Pamela knows how to bend a piano to her will – and all that jazz.

And – as always –
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When can you listen to Pamela?  Tuesday:  9:00 AM / 12:00 PM / 6:00 PM

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