Thursday, October 1, 2020

MMA: "EPA considers new regulations on stormwater pollution in Charles River watershed"

From the Mass Municipal Assoc (MMA) we share an article of interest for Franklin: 

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency notified stakeholders in the Charles River watershed on Aug. 13 that the agency is evaluating whether to introduce a new permit regulating stormwater runoff from private parties into the watershed.

A letter from the EPA’s New England Region stated that the agency is considering whether “a new program is needed to control stormwater pollution from certain commercial, industrial and institutional sources in the Charles River watershed at sites that are not currently covered by any existing federal or state stormwater permit.”

With a new permit, the EPA would be operating under its “residual designation authority,” a provision under the Clean Water Act that allows the agency, under certain conditions, to require permits for stormwater discharges that are not otherwise regulated."

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The Town of Franklin is already working towards a stormwater utility fee to help address the issue of stormwater runoff to the Charles River. 
Visit the Stormwater Division page for more info
Check out your impervious coverage area

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