Thursday, October 29, 2020

Protect the Results - Nov 4

Many people are wondering whether President Trump could be serious when he says he might not accept the results of the coming election.
Foremost among the organizations taking this possibility seriously is Protect the Results.  It has formed a coalition of more than 100 groups representing people nationwide who are concerned about this election.  The message is simple:  Count All the Votes.  They believe that any democracy rests on the integrity of its elections.

These people are prepared to stand out peacefully in public to convey this message if Trump tries to claim victory or stop every vote from being counted. Such events will probably begin on the day after the election (Wed Nov 4).  Similar demonstrations may occur on ensuing days, depending on whether disruptions to the democratic process are continuing.  

Protect the Results lists 379 different events across the country, including many in Massachusetts.    
Anyone wishing to participate in the event at the Franklin Common can get more information and can sign up at

Protect the Results - Nov 4
Protect the Results - Nov 4

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