Friday, October 30, 2020

“People see the opportunity to protect the best for our town"

From the Milford Daily News, an article of interest for Franklin:

"Among the questions on the general election ballot is one that is all about benefiting Franklin, supporters say.

The question asks Franklin voters to support adoption of the Community Preservation Act (CPA) for Franklin -- a step that would allow the town to raise money for open space and historic preservation, recreation, and community housing by adding a 2 percent surcharge to property taxes.

If the initiative is approved, the town will join the ranks of 177 other Massachusetts towns that have also adopted the CPA. Additionally, it would make the town eligible for a portion of funds the state collects each year from fees on home sale transactions, to be used in tandem with surcharge funds raised by the town.

The proposed 2 percent surcharge -- minus an automatic $100,000 exemption on residential properties -- would cost about $105 per year for the average Franklin taxpayer. That is based on the town’s average home value of $460,000. Exemptions would be offered for low-income families and moderate-income seniors."
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