Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Davis Thayer Facilities Analysis - step by step process

From the Davis Thayer Facility Analysis page:
The Davis Thayer Elementary School was authorized for further analysis through a study as prescribed by the School Committee Policy FCB - Retirement of Facilities. The rationale for the facilities analysis includes:
  1. the age and design of the facility;
  2. decreased enrollment across the district; and
  3. economic efficiency.
Although preliminary enrollment projections are available, the District will be obtaining more detailed and thoroughly analyzed demographic details and enrollment projections. Additionally, the District will be examining the Davis Thayer facility and space utilization/availability across the district. You can find detailed information as is becomes available on the lefthand links.

Updates related to this study will be shared at regular intervals at School Committee meetings, online and directly with the DT community, at least on a monthly basis. We recognize this process can be emotional; the District is committed to engaging in this study with the greatest of care towards students, families, and staff.
There is no specific "time" line, there is a defined process flow and the process is still in Phase 1 as shown in this flow (below). There is no timeline in that the process will cover step by step as needed but NOT by a specific date. 
The discussion on the report Tuesday night gets to focus on the specifics in the report but will not reach a conclusion yet as indicated by the process there is more analysis to be done.

Davis Thayer Facilities Analysis
Davis Thayer Facilities Analysis

Comprehensive Facilities Assessment 
School Committee Meeting Agenda

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