Friday, November 27, 2020

A Most Worthy Read: "We walked up to the edge — and did not jump"

Via Mark Hertling (@MarkHertling) :
"This wondrous piece by my friend ⁦@MollyMcKew⁩ is simply the best description of where we've been, and where we must now go. Poetry, prose and truth.  Read this and be thankful we've stepped back from the edge."  
We walked up to the edge — and did not jump
A Thanksgiving message, part 1 = by Molly McKew

"I’ve spent these past weeks with breath held, fingers crossed, afraid to look away, but also afraid not to. To just put all this down for a minute, and take a breath, and look up, out, see again the horizon and the sense of movement toward it that has always defined the expansive land and spirit of America. 

America is a constantly morphing and adaptive idea. But fundamentally we are still, as we have always been, a nation of madness. Mostly good madness — but madness still. 

The people who would build this nation must have been mad to seek where there be dragons — to cross storm-riven seas, arrive on the shores of this wild and magical land, and embrace the idea of living in the haunted wilderness to have the chance — just a chance — of shaping something new. Something removed from the mental and physical confinements of history. 

In that time of wilderness, each one of us here was a zealot of some cause — a zealot of gods, commerce, ideas, quests, adventures. We came here running from things, or toward others. And this strange amalgamated zealotry was somehow integral to our survival, the good and bad forces that shaped us in their conflict. A core belief that old rules didn’t apply. That the frontier could be pushed ever outward. That we could survive against the odds. And that always, always, the sins of the past could be overcome by achieving a righteous future."

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