Friday, November 27, 2020

“He kind of perfected it sitting around this table”

One of our family traditions on Thanksgiving is to listen to the 18+ minute classic Arlo Guthrie performance of Alice's Restaurant. Usually while driving to one of the family gatherings. This time, pandemic induced, no drive but still time to listen. 

And then across the Twitterverse comes this article about the real Alice, yes that one.
"Arlo Guthrie's rambling, spoken-word tune “Alice's Restaurant” is a Thanksgiving Day tradition on radio stations across the country. Over the course of about 18 minutes, the folk singer unfurls a true tale involving himself and his hippie friends in 1960s Western Massachusetts.

Now — more than 50 years after the iconic song hit the airwaves — its namesake has fallen on hard times. But Alice's friends have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help her stay in the only place she's ever really wanted to be: Provincetown on Cape Cod.

But first, it helps to find out how she got there."

YouTube link for "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" =

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