Thursday, December 31, 2020

CommonWealth Magazine: three articles of interest

From CommonWealth Magazine:

"Baker takes stock of unprecedented pandemic"

"GOV. CHARLIE BAKER’S feelings about the year 2020 echoed public sentiment when he slammed his fists on a lectern at the State House Wednesday afternoon.

“As we close out 2020, finally, we’re again urging everyone if they can to stay home,” Baker said, banging both fists."

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"House, Senate seem to be in no rush" 
"THE HOUSE ELECTED a new speaker on Wednesday, but otherwise the two legislative branches did little of consequence and adjourned until Monday.

That leaves just Monday and Tuesday for lawmakers to take action on a slew of pending bills, some of which have been stuck in conference committee trying to resolve differences between the two branches for months."
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"Ronald Mariano elected speaker of the Massachusetts House"
"IN A DAY filled with ceremonial pomp – but no suspense — the Massachusetts House on Wednesday selected Quincy Democrat Ronald Mariano to be the next speaker of the House.

In his inaugural address, Mariano laid out a series of major policy goals, while reiterating the philosophy of governance that he has applied until now: a focus on achieving consensus through compromise. “In the reality of governing, we must live in the world of the possible and not make perfection the enemy of progress,” Mariano said."

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"The Baker-Polito Administration today provided an update on the ongoing distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in Massachusetts. Including shipments arriving today and tomorrow, the Commonwealth expects more than 287,000 vaccine doses to arrive in the state by the end of 2020"
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