Sunday, December 27, 2020

Putter Day 2021 - So as it is fixed, so let it be done.

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 12/27/2020

Once again Putter Day (a fave of mine) is nigh.  My ersatz holiday returns on Jan 1 to usher in the New year, and I celebrate by – puttering.

This  year  I  will  fix  the  kitchen  cabinet  door  (again).   This  time  for  sure.  I  will approach the ‘honey-do’ chores list – with some cautious optimism. Will I actually reduce it to zero items? Not likely, but hope springs eternal.

However, for some of the hardest hit in 2020 – perhaps not so much. Hope becomes elusive. Many have lost their loved ones. Tragically, many more will likely follow. With job losses unabated, risk of eviction, food insecurity and financial desperation for so many, I am putting an item at the top of my puttering chores list.
Putter Day 2021 - So as it is fixed, so let it be done.

On this Putter Day, I will celebrate 2021 by doing something to help someone else. There is indeed a dire need to be met, and Putter day is all about doing. What better way to celebrate Putter day than to do unto others – in kindness.

Although the year ahead holds great promise, we still have to get through these darkest of days and return to brighter and better times ahead. That patient journey requires ongoing diligence and vigilance by all.

Until those brighter days, please don’t be among the callously cavalier and careless. The pandemic continues to be all too real. Social distancing is the new social grace. A mask is the new, must-have, fashion accessory. Flaunt it – with flair.

Don’t leave home without it.

I wish you a happy and productive New Year and better/putter days ahead. And – as always –

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