Tuesday, July 13, 2021

SBA Restaurant Revitalization Fund Grants for Franklin

"The Small Business Administration on Friday released a database disclosing the recipients of Restaurant Revitalization Fund grants.

Massachusetts businesses received $993 million, more than all but five other states in the country. A total of 2,556 businesses here were awarded grants, out of some 6,867 applicants, and the average award was $388,000, the highest in the country."
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A query of the data provided returns the following for Franklin

Lets Eat Franklin LLCFranklin$620,400.50
GlenPharmer Distillery LLCFranklin$159,172.07
Super HK LLCFranklin$119,697.62
Proof Restaurant LLCFranklin$117,551.00
Silver Spring Donuts IncFranklin$104,862.00
Rhapsody's Victorian Coffee House LLCFranklin$88,601.51
JAY AMBE INCFranklin$73,596.00
Franklin Donuts IncFranklin$31,300.00
PRATHAM LLCFranklin$29,677.00
NGG LLCFranklin$22,282.15
Kavish CorporationFranklin$14,911.63
140 Donuts IncFranklin$10,287.00

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  1. Who are these restaurants? All of the Donut LLC? Is that Dunkin Donuts?? I see a bunch of subways as well!!! What about all of the small local businesses? Shame on them!!