Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Franklin Area Mom's "Lessons for Littles" (video)

"How do you navigate conversations with your young children about topics such as race, diversity, inclusion, and equity? 

Watch as jamele adams (educator, poet, and activist), Dr. Ashley Cameron (licensed child and adult psychologist), Julie Parsons (Executive Director of the Cambridge-Ellis School and veteran kindergarten teacher), Sofie Chouinard (local high school student), and Mia Story (local high school student) discuss the importance of having race-related conversations with young children, and when and how to have these conversations. The discussion is moderated by Franklin Town Councilor Cobi Frongillo

This event was sponsored by Franklin Area Moms ( and Franklin Area Against Racism (FAAR). Video by Franklin TV."

Direct link to video on YouTube ->

Direct link to Franklin Area Mom's page with speaker profiles, and additional resources

Franklin Area Mom's "Lessons for Littles" - Jun 6, 2021
Franklin Area Mom's "Lessons for Littles" - Jun 6, 2021

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