Friday, August 13, 2021

Franklin Annual Report - 2020: Recreation Department

275 Beaver Street
Franklin, MA 02038 

The Recreation Department is located at 275 Beaver Street, Franklin MA 02038. The Recreation Department offers Franklin residents a variety of programs and activities for youth and adults, as well as coordination of youth sports organizations field use. The department operates and schedules activities for Beaver Pond (beach and turf field), Fletcher Field, Dennis Pisani Softball Field, Henry “Ski” Faenza Tot Lot (Nason Street Tot Lot), King Street Memorial Field, Dacey Community Field, and the Meadowlark Lane fields. The department is also responsible for scheduling the use of all school athletic fields. Our department works closely with the various town youth sports organizations and Athletic Director Tom Angelo to schedule all youth sports activities around the high school team practices and games.

Chilson Beach
Chilson Beach was open from June 20-August 21, 2020 with a swim at your own risk policy. No lifeguards were on duty. However, we staffed the beach with gate guards to check for residency as the beach remains Franklin residents only. The pond was home to canoeing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, and hiking. 

For information on Chilson Beach and our water testing results, visit:

At the above website, residents can check the water quality and E-coli levels as we run a water quality check every week to make sure it is safe for swimming.
On the turf field at Beaver Pond, we continue to permit soccer, field hockey, flag football, and boy’s lacrosse. The turf field was used for the Franklin Recreation Department’s NFL Flag football, Franklin Youth Soccer, and Franklin youth boys lacrosse, as well as yoga for senior citizens, tai chi, boot camp, and many other recreational activities. A portable recycled plastic walkway is on site for handicap accessibility to the water edge and playground area. The Franklin High School soccer, lacrosse and field hockey programs play all of their home games on the turf field as well. The turf field was recently resurfaced in 2017.

The Recreation Dept does so much, their full report doesn't fit here. Please continue reading with either the PDF version (page 109) or the print version (#103) ->

Prior Annual Reports can be found online

Franklin Annual Report - 2020:  Recreation Department
Franklin Annual Report - 2020:  Recreation Department

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