Sunday, September 5, 2021

Dale Kurtz - Serving Those Who Served

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director   09/05/2021

Since 2015 Dale Kurtz has been Franklin’s Veterans’ Service Officer. We at Franklin●TV worked with Dale to cover key veterans’ events and gatherings on Memorial Day, Veteran’s day and other occasions. Dale also interviewed veterans and discussed veteran related services on his program, “Veterans’ Call”..   As Dale faces retirement he sat with our Chris Flynn to discuss his role – and veterans.

Dale grew up in a coal town – Newcastle, PA. Through good grades and good football he was offered opportunities at several good schools, some ivy as well. He opted for military service and found his way to West Point in the late sixties to early seventies. He returned to service at Fort Hood, Texas, then moved on to White Sands, eventually retiring from service as captain.

We at Franklin●TV wish Dale all the best, and a special Thank You for your Service.

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Dale Kurtz -  Serving Those Who Served
Dale Kurtz -  Serving Those Who Served

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