Friday, September 3, 2021

"the governance of the school committee that determines the direction of the district"

As we approach the local election for Nov 2, I share this statement from Tracy Novick, School Committee member of Worcester, MA. The section shared here is a brief piece of her full comments (link provided). I think this provides great insights for potential School Committee candidates. Tracy makes this statement with 15 years of experience. Experience that is worth learning from. 

"I first think it’s important to note that this is our job. School Committees in Massachusetts under MGL Ch. 71, §37 are described as having four core responsibilities, one of which is “to select and terminate the superintendent.” This is not the job of interest groups, of business interests, of non-profit entities…it is the job of the Worcester School Committee, period. I intend, and I believe my colleagues intend, to do our job, as it is our job to do. 

It is the governance of the school committee that determines the direction of the district. I have heard it said that the superintendent is a reflection of the school committee. In selecting the superintendent, the school committee expresses a set of values and communicates the level of professionalism the committee expects of its employees. It ultimately also determines the quality of the education the district delivers to students. 

Second, the most important thing that any committee needs to do in conducting a superintendent search is tell the truth to their community. If they intend to appoint an internal candidate, they should say so. If they are going to do a full, inclusive national search, then they have the responsibility to not only say so, but to do so.

The Worcester School Committee will conduct a full, inclusive national search, period. "

Read the full statement here -> 

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