Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Non-toxic social network alternatives to Facebook

I had the good fortune to participate in a couple of Good Experience Live (GEL) Conferences in 2005, 2006, and 2007. Mark Hurst is an insightful engaging thought leader. He continues to write and broadcast on tech topics. HE is the owner founder of the Creative Good agency. https://creativegood.com/mark-hurst/

His Good Report has a post on 'non-toxic social networks'. This is one place where we can look at what he shares and explore the options to replace Franklin Matters on Facebook. Stay tuned as we explore. If you have any experience with what is listed, please feel free to share via email or comment.

"Here's our favorite non-toxic social network: Mastodon.

Why: Today's giant social networks make money on surveillance, manipulation, and amplification of toxic content. If you're tired of the garbage on Twitter and Facebook, head over to Mastodon: a decentralized, non-corporate network of Twitter-like servers. Without the constant need to monetize "engagement," Mastodon provides a more civil, low-key platform for posting and networking. And it's free.

(On Mastodon, follow Good Reports founder Mark Hurst: @markhurst@mastodon.social)"

Mark's Good Report also has a listing on RSS Readers to add to what I shared yesterday.  https://goodreports.com/post/rss-reader.html

For those interested in a deep dive into my archives, here are the collected writing for each of the GEL Conferences in (the links should still work although the webpages has been dormant for years).

Non-toxic social network alternatives to Facebook
Non-toxic social network alternatives to Facebook 

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