Sunday, November 28, 2021

MA city/town COVID-19 daily new cases - Nov 27, 2021

This Flourish view of COVID-19 data for the CommonWealth of MA is interactive so you can select and compare one or more communities to the State or each other. I set up a comparison of Franklin to the State level shown in the photo capture shown here.

This is not a good turn to the data. Let's be careful...

Thanks to Nathan Ahlgren for this tool ->

Updated in response to some questions via Facebook

A chart with the age group distribution for each week's reports since Sep 2021 (.jpg shown, PDF linked)

age group distribution

MA city/town COVID-19 daily new cases
MA city/town COVID-19 daily new cases

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  1. Definitely concerning. Masks are estimated to reduce one's exposure to the virus (probably to any virus) by 50%. Also interesting that Franklin so clearly mirrors the statewide track; summer of 2020 we were lower but since then, we're pretty close to the state average shown here.