Thursday, November 25, 2021

"What’s One of the Most Dangerous Toys for Kids? The Internet." (video)

"We all know how difficult it can be to close our social media apps and walk away from our devices. Just one more scroll, we tell ourselves. Just one more peek at a link. And then, suddenly, we’re deep down the rabbit hole of yet another feed.

These apps are addictive by design. We know this. And we know full well who’s making a bundle off our weaknesses. (Howdy, Mark Zuckerberg!) But we still can’t help ourselves.

So, if we adults are seemingly powerless in the face of such digital temptation, where does that leave our kids?"

The video with this article is impressive. NY Times hosted it only on their site so, guess what, to see it, you need to go there. The irony of their complaint about the big tech companies is evident. Don't let it hinder the revelations of the article and video. The effect on kids we are paying for already (damage at FHS lavatories!).

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