Sunday, November 21, 2021 Senior Story Hour - November 2021 (audio)

"In this episode, the Franklin Senior Center writers group presents stories and poems about nature, boot camp, Falmouth MA, discussion on language and prose, life and spirituality, the dark times during the height of COVID-19, and running cross country."

This episode aired on Franklin Radio for November 2021.

Find more episodes in Google Podcast (or your favorite podcast app) ->

Yes, listeners might recognize my voice towards the end of this episode. The cross country quintet I wrote can be found ->

You can also find the Senior Writer's group on the air anywhere in your browser window at  or 102.9 on the local Franklin area FM band. Friday's at 11 AM, 2 and 8 PM, repeating on Saturday's at 4 PM Senior Story Hour - November 2021 Senior Story Hour - November 2021

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