Monday, November 22, 2021

50+ Job Seekers in MA: Session 2 -> Self-Assessment

Session 2: Self-Assessment!  = Tuesday November 23rd: 10 AM – 12 PM 

Join us as we discuss hiring assessments and personality tests. You’ll even have the chance to take a couple of assessments and decide for yourself whether they work.
Why you need to know about this: Completing a self-assessment before applying for jobs can help your job-search. Knowing yourself--your values and preferences--enables you to set realistic career goals and ultimately land the job you want. Assessments may be optional for many companies, but they are a necessity for the modern job seeker.
Start your journey towards self-realization, re-invention and transformation
The mission of our program is to provide job seekers in the 50+ demographic with the confidence, self-esteem, necessary tools, and skills to launch and implement a successful job or encore career search campaign.

Over the course of our - Interactive Workshop Series, you’ll learn how to execute your job search campaign with confidence and success. This preparation will Equip, Enable and Empower you in all aspects of the job search process.

New to the program? Registration is Required:
For more information contact Denise Magnett:

If you are registered with the program  and have not yet received your Zoom meeting link to join the meeting on Tuesday, please contact Denise Magnett at

Ed Lawrence
Group Leader with the 50+ Job Seekers in MA Statewide Networking Groups 

50+ Job Seekers in MA: Session 2 -> Self-Assessment
50+ Job Seekers in MA: Session 2 -> Self-Assessment

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