Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Rhapsody's Victorian Coffee House - status update

"To my beloved patrons, many of which have become friends, permit me to say that nothing has made me happier, given me more purpose, than providing a community with a warm and friendly place to congregate while enjoying well prepared dishes using fresh local ingredients. As the owner of Rhapsody’s Victorian Coffee House, I’ve been blessed! 
The challenges in the food industry remain. We are closed for the time being and effectively until further notice while we sort out the numbers and weigh the business risks going into 2022. 
This holiday season has been more about the relationships than ever before. People need people. I’ve been rewarded by providing an exceptional location for people to congregate, enjoy each other’s company, while indulging on the finest food and beverages. 
Lets see what happens!" 
- Mike

Rhapsody's Victorian Coffee House - status update
Rhapsody's Victorian Coffee House - status update (photo from a warmer day - May 2021)


  1. I hope he can make it. Its a nice place and a great menu.

    Ken Norman

  2. I have really enjoyed the food, tea and people there. I hope they come back.