Sunday, December 26, 2021

Franklin TV: In Between!

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director  12/26/2021

This is that ‘in-between’ week. Christmas has happened. New Year’s Eve and Day – straight ahead. Afterglow? Aftermath? There is more ‘in-between’ this year than normal. We are in between the festive tidings of the season and the cautionary tales of the next viral wave – Omicron! Omigod! We are testing – and being tested.

Essential workers at hospitals and airlines are testing positive. The travel plans for many are being disrupted at the last minute or worse, en route.

Family gatherings are incomplete or canceled outright. This where Zoom and Facetime fall short. While they are useful for conveying information, they can’t deliver the warmth of physical presence – a simple handshake, a knowing nudge, a boisterous backslap, a hug.

We weary of it, but we make the necessary choice every day to keep on keepin’ on.

Please choose one:
A. Keep on.
B. Keep on.
C. Keep on.


As the holidays, the merriment, even that good will – all recede in the rear-view. the year ahead can be shaped for the better by us. While we choose to keep on, we can also choose to do so in kindness. Kindness is a superpower that we never ever lose. We just need to exercise it regularly to stay in top shape emotionally.

Keep to kindness. It makes the rest of all that keepin’ on a little easier.

May 2022 smile warmly, kindly upon us all. 

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