Sunday, March 27, 2022

Franklin.TV: Yes. It is – Complicated

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 03/27/2022

That was my hesitant, but honest answer. I was reluctant to admit it.

He looked at all the wires that were radiating outward in all directions from our equipment. The floor was littered with cables. These connected microphones, speakers, cameras, ethernet, computers, displays, intercom and so on. That’s what motivated a bystander’s question, ‘Is it complicated?’

I had never been asked, so I was thrown for moment. But, looking at the mess of wires, I had to admit that it was. It is. Such was my quiet epiphany.

We do what we can to minimize the complexity for our crew by customizing our equipment into configurable, flexible modules. These systems can be connected in different ways depending on need. Think ‘digital Legos’ that snap together to form whatever configuration best serves the event. Like nested Matryoshka dolls, our systems have subsystems within, and these also can have sub-subsystems. Today, our systems and simplified ‘snapping together’ (all the wires} continue to expand.

Ten years ago, it was simple. Bring camera and microphone. Record event. Leave. Lather, rinse, repeat. Simple.

What we do today? Not simple. Today, we are expected to cover civic events that are live and audience interactive via Zoom. We are expected to make engagement effortless – simple – for all participants. We are also expected to be consistently successful. These expanding expectations are reasonable enough in today’s world.

Fulfilling them? It’s complicated. 
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Franklin.TV: Yes. It is – Complicated (part of the crew producing Critical Conversations)
Franklin.TV: Yes. It is – Complicated (part of the crew producing Critical Conversations)

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