Thursday, May 19, 2022

Ben's Books - RI Public TV does an episode on the books in the Franklin Library (video)

Vicki Earls, Franklin Library Head of Reference and James Johnston, Franklin historian, contribute to this RI Public TV episode on Ben's Books.  

"There are dozens of U.S. towns named for famous patriot, diplomat, writer, scientist, and inventor, Benjamin Franklin - but the very first was a local community with a lasting legacy. Rhode Island PBS Weekly's Pamela Watts explores how an unexpected gift of books, bestowed by Franklin upon the townspeople, helped inspire an educator to launch the country's public school system.

Video link ->


The photo album of Ben's Books when they were most recently unveiled in April of 2018
a close up of some of Ben's books at the Franklin Public Library
a close up of some of Ben's books gifted to Franklin, now viewable in the Public Library

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