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Franklin TV: Franklin For All Forum - Monday, May 16, 6:30 PM

Rezoning downtown for economic growth & diverse housing
by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 05/15/2022

There is a  public meeting scheduled for Monday, 6:30 PM at THE BLACK BOX.

Franklin For All is a community-driven process to establish a vision for Franklin Center, including the Downtown Commercial District and adjacent neighborhoods, and make rezoning recommendations to best achieve the vision. This will unlock development to expand housing choices, support local business, take advantage of new infrastructure, and foster a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood. There will be multiple engagement opportunities for the public to weigh in on their vision for Franklin Center and the proposed approach to rezoning.

The Project’s Timeline

Fall 2021 = Project start-up and analysis of existing zoning 
Winter 2021-2022 = Public engagement to set a vision for Franklin Center 
Winter/Spring 2022 = Context analysis and development scenarios 
Spring/Summer 2022 = Public engagement to review zoning recommendations 
Summer/Fall 2022 = Rezoning Franklin Center

Franklin enjoys a compact downtown with an MBTA Commuter Rail Station, a museum, a performing arts theater, Dean College, and a mix of restaurants and retailers. There are also events throughout the year, including the Strawberry Stroll and the Harvest Festival, that draw large crowds to the area. Significant time and resources have been devoted to enhancing the area with a focus on improving traffic flow, safety and emergency response time, improving roadways, fostering a pedestrian environment, improving the overall appearance, and stimulating private sector investment.

Franklin For All seeks to build on Franklin Center’s existing assets and become a vibrant, mixed-use destination. More people living in a walkable downtown means more spending at local shops, fewer car trips and less greenhouse gas emissions, and more interactions amongst residents, fostering a stronger sense of community. Through rezoning, we can remove restrictions that hold back quality projects to encourage development that directly meets a shared vision for Franklin Center.

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You can participate in person or via remote on Monday. To sign up for the remote participation, register here

Franklin TV: Franklin For All Forum - Monday, May 16, 6:30 PM
Franklin TV: Franklin For All Forum - Monday, May 16, 6:30 PM

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